When was Classic Reader established?

The Classic Reader website went live on March 29, 2000. It was originally a sub-section of Swishweb.com that grew large enough to merit a separate site.

Who publishes Classic Reader?

The Classic Reader website is published by Blackdog Media, a one-person company run by Stephane Theroux, in British Columbia, Canada.

What books will I find on Classic Reader?

All books published on the Classic Reader website are out-of-copyright, meaning their copyright protection has expired. This means you won't find the latest Stephen King, Tom Clancy, etc. You will find classic literary works from the start of the 20th century and previous centuries, from authors like Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, William Shakespeare and more.

Are these full-version books or abridged editions?

All of the books in the Classic Reader collection are the full unabridged versions.

May I print/copy/use the text of the books?

All of the books in the Classic Reader collection are in the public domain (expired copyright) and, as such, may be used in any way you wish.

How are the books chosen for addition to the Classic Reader collection?

There is no set system for the selection of books added to the collection; they are chosen more or less at random. Some of the titles in the collection are added at the suggestion of visitors to this site.

I found an inaccurate or offensive statement in a book on Classic Reader!

Many classic works contain definitions, statements, ideas, etc., which are wrong, disputed, or offensive to certain groups of people. However, it is not the policy of Classic Reader to alter classic texts to suit modern ideals. All works are published as they were originally written.

I found an error!

If you do find an error, please take the time to report the URL and details of the error using our Feedback form.

Can I download complete books from this site?

Registered users of the site can download complete books by selecting the "Get Complete Book" link in the "Toolbox" bar on table of contents pages. You must register in order to use this feature. Registration is free, does not require personal information, and enables you to use other existing and future tools. Your annotations, if any, are also included when you retrieve a complete book.

Can you send me a book report/analysis/plot summary/etc for book X?

No. These types of requests are often made in the hope of avoiding homework. I won't do your homework for you as it would be a great disservice to you (you'll thank me later).

This FAQ does not answer my question.

Submit your question to us using our Feedback form. If a question is asked by many visitors it will be added to this FAQ.

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