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A Lady of Quality
By Maxine J. Bersch-Lovern on July 30, 2012

This book is the story of a lady who began life as an unwanted child and unloved, her only associates being those uncouth, uneducated, coarse, crude, profane and all other words that describe the type of person that would have evil effect on the character of a child, and she grew strong willed and vile tempered, but because of her superior mental faculties, she outgrew all of these environmental negative factors to become a "lady of quality." The quality of character that the author describes as innate, and yet it was allowed in the author's story to develop until Love became the savior and completed the perfection of this saintly woman. She bore up under all that life threw her with fortitude and yet a great capacity for compassion, generosity and humility resulted her becoming a lady of quality. The love language is definitely of another century, but any strong woman who falls in love with a man whose mind soars with hers, whose dreams are her dreams, who is always strong for her when she needs the strength of one who is the epitome of all that she respects and reveres, will surely be charmed by the nobility of the characters that she portrays.I recommend the book to those who are looking for a good story that does not tire one in the reading.