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By symone thompson on July 25, 2009

This story is amazing from start to finish! From all of the amazing yet mind boggling experiences that Mr. Fix and Mr. Fogg experience together you are truly able to see the arts of their nature and admire the endeavor that is displayed towards their main goal regardless of the obstacles they are faced with. This is definitely one of the most ingenious and inspiring books I have ever come across! I absolutely enjoyed every facet of it...

Tremendous fiction
By naila latif on February 15, 2009

Tremendous. Best. These words were crossing the limit of my lips when I was reading this story. This is one of my favourite stories. In this story poor Passepartout agrees to work as a servant of Phileas Fogg because he wants a peaceful life. Mr Fogg is a gentleman who always does the same thing everyday. I have no time to a whole story but I know it is best.

By Kierstan Snyder on August 3, 2005

Well this book was kind of crazy, because Fix should have served him the warrant beforehand and plus, he should have questioned Mr.Fogg. He could have found out that he wasn't the thief, because people can have the looks of another person. So he should have found out his reason for travelling as he did, and to what was his title or name.