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By Elizabeth on February 8, 2005

This touching story is about love, sorrow, and happiness. Christ, our loving Savior, is ever present in this short story.

Lizzie represents a girl who has sinned and become pregnant while away from home. Her father shunned her but on his death bed forgave her. With loving devotion, Lizzie's mother always hoped to find her again. After her husband's death she does. Along with her comes her two sons.

Eventually, Will, the oldest son, falls in love with a girl name Mary Barton. This girl takes care of her supposed niece.

The mother finds out that this girl is her granddaughter. While helping her drunk father, the little baby fell down the stairs trying to reach her.

A woman is near and declares she is the mother. Mary goes for the Will's mother and tells her that her daughter is asleep in her house.

There is a tearful reunion and it all ends.