As It Is

I might wish the world were better,
    I might sit around and sigh
For a water that is wetter
    And a bluer sort of sky.
There are times I think the weather
    Could be much improved upon,
But when taken altogether
    It's a good old world we're on.
I might tell how I would make it,
    But when I have had my say
It is still my job to take jt
    As it is, from day to day.

I might wish that men were kinder,
    And less eager after gold;
I might wish that they were blinder
    To the faults they now behold.
And I'd try to make them gentle,
    And more tolerant in strife
And a bit more sentimental
    O'er the finer things of life.
But I am not here to make them,
    Or to work in human clay;
It is just my work to take them
    As they are from day to day.

Here's a world that suffers sorrow,
    Here are bitterness and pain,
And the joy we plan to-morrow
    May be ruined by the rain.
Here are hate and greed and badness,
    Here are love and friendship, too,
But the most of it is gladness
    When at last we've run it through.
Could we only understand it
    As we shall some distant day
We should see that He who planned it
    Knew our needs along the way.