There Are No Gods

There are no gods that bring to youth
    The rich rewards that stalwarts claim;
The god of fortune is in truth
    A vision and an empty name.
The toiler who through doubt and care
    Unto his goal and victory plods,
With no one need his glory share:
    He is himself his favoring gods.

There are no gods that will bestow
    Earth's joys and blessings on a man.
Each one must choose the path he'll go,
    Then win from it what joy he can.
And he that battles with the odds
    Shall know success, but he who waits
The favors of the mystic gods,
    Shall never come to glory's gates.

No man is greater than his will;
    No gods to him will lend a hand!
Upon his courage and his skill
    The record of his life must stand.
What honors shall befall to him,
    What he shall claim of fame or pelf,
Depend not on the favoring whim
    Of fortune's god, but on himself.