My Books and I

My books and I are good old pals:
    My laughing books are gay,
Just suited for my merry moods
    When I am wont to play.
Bill Nye comes down to joke with me
    And, Oh, the joy he spreads.
Just like two fools we sit and laugh
    And shake our merry heads.

When I am in a thoughtful mood,
    With Stevenson I sit,
Who seems to know I've had enough
    Of Bill Nye and his wit.
And so, more thoughtful than I am,
    He talks of lofty things,
And thus an evening hour we spend
    Sedate and grave as kings.

And should my soul be torn with grief
    Upon my shelf I find
A little volume, torn and thumbled,
    For comfort just designed.
I take my little Bible down
    And read its pages o'er,
And when I part from it I find
    I'm stronger than before.