I know that what I did was wrong;
    I should have sent you far away.
You tempted me, and I'm not strong;
    I tried but couldn't answer nay.
I should have packed you off to bed;
    Instead I let you stay awhile,
And mother scolded when I said
    That you had bribed me with your smile.

And yesterday I gave to you
    Another piece of chocolate cake,
Some red-ripe watermelon, too,
    And that gave you the stomach ache.
And that was after I'd been told
    You'd had enough, you saucy miss;
You tempted me, you five-year-old,
    And bribed me with a hug and kiss.

And mother said I mustn't get
    You roller skates, yet here they are;
I haven't dared to tell her yet;
    Some time, she says, I'll go too far.
I gave my word I wouldn't buy
    These things, for accidents she fears;
Now I must tell, when questioned why,
    Just how you bribed me with your tears.

I've tried so hard to do the right,
    Yet I have broken every vow.
I let you do, most every night,
    The things your mother won't allow.
I know that I am doing wrong,
    Yet all my sense of honor flies,
The moment that you come along
    And bribe me with those wondrous eyes.