The Beauty Places

Here she walked and romped about,
    And here beneath this apple tree
Where all the grass is trampled out
    The swing she loved so used to be.
This path is but a path to you,
    Because my child you never knew.

'Twas here she used to stoop to smell
    The first bright daffodil of spring;
'Twas here she often tripped and fell
    And here she heard the robins sing.
You'd call this but a common place,
    But you have never seen her face.

And it was here we used to meet.
    How beautiful a spot is this,
To which she gayly raced to greet
    Her daddy with his evening kiss!
You see here nothing grand or fine,
    But, Oh, what memories are mine!

The people pass from day to day
    And never turn their heads to see
The many charms along the way
    That mean so very much to me.
For all things here are speaking of
    The babe that once was mine to love.