The road to laughter beckons me,
    The road to all that's best;
The home road where I nightly see
    The castle of my rest;
The path where all is fine and fair,
    And little children run,
For love and joy are waiting there
    As soon as day is done.

There is no rich reward of fame
    That can compare with this:
At home I wear an honest name,
    My lips are fit to kiss.
At home I'm always brave and strong,
    And with the setting sun
They find no trace of shame or wrong
    In anything I've done.

There shine the eyes that only see
    The good I've tried to do;
They think me what I'd like to be;
    They know that I am true.
And whether I have lost my fight
    Or whether I have won,
I find a faith that I've been right
    As soon as day is done.