Roses and Sunshine

Rough is the road I am journeying now,
    Heavy the burden I'm bearing to-day;
But I'm humming a song, as I wander along,
    And I smile at the roses that nod by the way.
    Red roses sweet,
    Blooming there at my feet,
Just dripping with honey and perfume and cheer;
    What a weakling I'd be
    If I tried not to see
The joy and the comfort you bring to us here.

Just tramping along o'er the highway of life,
    Knowing not what's ahead but still doing my best;
And I sing as I go, for my soul seems to know
    In the end I shall come to the valley of rest.
    With the sun in my face
    And the roses to grace
The roads that I travel, what have I to fear?
    What a coward I'd be
    If I tried not to see
The roses of hope and the sunshine of cheer.