When Mother Sleeps

When mother sleeps, a slamming door
    Disturbs her not at all;
A man might walk across the floor
    Or wander through the hall
A pistol shot outside would not
    Drive slumber from her eyes--
But she is always on the spot
    The moment baby cries.

The thunder crash she would not hear,
    Nor shouting in the street;
A barking dog, however near,
    Of sleep can never cheat
Dear mother, but I've noticed this
    To my profound surprise:
That always wide-awake she is
    The moment baby cries.

However weary she may be,
    Though wrapped in slumber deep,
Somehow it always seems to me
    Her vigil she will keep.
Sound sleeper that she is, I take
    It in her heart there lies
A love that causes her to wake
    The moment baby cries.