The Roads of Happiness

The roads of happiness are not
         The selfish roads of pleasure seeking,
    Where cheeks are flushed with haste and hot
         And none has time for kindly speaking.
    But they're the roads where lovers stray,
         Where wives and husbands walk together
    And children romp along the way
         Whenever it is pleasant weather.

    The roads of happiness are trod
         By simple folks and tender-hearted,
    By gentle folks that worship God
         And want to live their days unparted.
    There kindly people stop and talk,
         Regardless of the chase for money,
    There, arm in arm, the grown-ups walk
         And every eye you see is sunny.

    The roads of happiness are lined,
         Not with the friends of royal splendor,
    But with the loyal friends and kind
         That do the gentle deeds and tender.
    There fame has never brought unrest
         Nor glory set men's hearts to aching;
    There unabandoned is life's best
         For selfish love and money making.

    The roads of happiness are those
         That do not lead to pomp and glory
    But wind among the joys and woes
         That make the humble toiler's story.
    The roads that oft we used to tread
         In early days when first we mated,
    When hearts were light and cheeks were red,
         And days were not with burdens freighted.