A Boy's Tribute

Prettiest girl I've ever seen
          Is Ma.
Lovelier than any queen
          Is Ma.
Girls with curls go walking by,
Dainty, graceful, bold an' shy,
But the one that takes my eye
          Is Ma.

Every girl made into one
          Is Ma.
Sweetest girl to look upon
          Is Ma.
Seen 'em short and seen 'em tall,
Seen 'em big and seen 'em small,
But the finest one of all
          Is Ma.

Best of all the girls on earth
          Is Ma.
One that all the rest is worth
          Is Ma.
Some have beauty, some have grace,
Some look nice in silk and lace,
But the one that takes first place
          Is Ma.

Sweetest singer in the land
          is Ma.
She that has the softest hand
          Is Ma.
Tenderest, gentlest nurse is she,
Full of fun as she can be,
An' the only girl for me
          Is Ma.

Bet if there's an angel here
          It's Ma.'
if God has a sweetheart dear,
          It's Ma.
Take the girls that artists draw,
An' all the girls I ever saw,
The only one without a flaw
          Is Ma.