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Call of the wild
By Brandon Beal on August 24, 2010

This book was good it was awsome there was so much going on that it kept my wanting to read and i dont like to read but this made me want to read

By Jona on February 28, 2010

Best book ever! The laws of the wilderness were explained so well, and London did a fantastic job of describing Bucks thoughts. He must of known dogs very well. This book gave me a new respect for dogs and for the wilderness.

By Shaylin on February 22, 2010

I thought this book was going to be extremely boring when our class read it in school, but it wasn't! I absolutely loved the book. When it was coming from Buck's point of view made it all the better. Then the way my teacher was explaining the words, so that we can comprehend them better made it easier for us to understand the book a whole lot better. All I have to say is that Jack London was a fantastic writer, and "Call of the Wild" is the best story ever known to man. :)

By Nandan on May 5, 2008

This is simply a great story. The words that expressed the feelings of the dogs is simply fantastic. Anyone who understands the dogs' psychology can easily relate to the feelings and events described here.

By Book-mouse on April 26, 2008

The Call of the Wild is so awesome!!!! It expresses all the feelings of Jack London and Buck himself. :) I loved every bit of it!!!:D

By Carly on April 15, 2008

I read this book with my english class and it really opened my eyes to the question that is behind this adventurous story: Are People really Civilized? In this book, Buck who is a pampered, royal aristocrat, is called to the wild and learns to adapt to the sudden change at hand, while learning to use his insticts of living in the wild. Buck is personified in this story, which means Jack London is showing human qualities through a dog. This book is really great and I recommend reading it. :)

By Nick.M on March 1, 2008

I thought that this book was going to be one of those boring and annoying books that I would be forced to listen to. I was wrong. I actually enjoyed this book! I do think that this book was written in a strange way. When I was reading it, I could barely even understand some parts of the book. Either way, I thought that it was a good book. I give it FOUR STARS!!!!!

By Amanda on November 4, 2005

This book was great. I thought it was very exciting. I loved how Jack London told the story.


By Clarence L. Hammonds on September 24, 2005

Jack London's "Call of the Wild" is a true classic in so much that it's still a part of this society today. However, there are not many dogs that would fit into the same type of situations Buck did and come out to be a hero. If one didn't know Buck was a dog, his heroic action would have made him human. The book is not only about dogs, but about men and really about London himself. A great novel about dogs and a scenic view on the human condition. At the end, even a dog can forgive and forget. This is than some humans can do, or try to do. Buck had feelings that could only be expressed through his actions and the knowledge of this dog, Buck.