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By Kristina on July 24, 2011

As my first Hardy novel, this was a pleasant surprise which left me very much wanting to discover more of his books. I was under the impression that many of his works were centered around romance, but this one seemed to have promise of something more.

Peppered with archaic terms every now and then, it may sometimes be difficult to follow. But with a little effort put into a Google search it is a very rewarding read, which has all the charm and grace that is to be expected of a nineteenth century novel. That is to say nothing of the content itself, which completely absorbed my attention more times than one. As the protagonist is not the typical good guy that every reader easily loves, readers are lead through the events of his life given enough reason at different times to hate him, to pity him, to see some glimmer of goodness in him, and everything which comes between.

I only regret having read the Wikipedia page about a "Skimmington" to understand the "skimmington ride" which occurred in the book, as it gave away some very dramatic twists in the story when it described the scene.