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Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
By Larry R Preston on July 6, 2012

There is nothing, "Bizarre" about this book. Such a perception proves the prophetic warning within the very pages. That Americans might become," Socialist " with one group of citizens who have no regard for honor, moral and social discipline, or personal responsibilty, (for which I am persuaded the idleness of mind, body, and character such disregard breeds ) expecting the other portion of the citizenry who manifests these very atributes in differing degrees of success, to willingly or confiscatorally give up their fruits of labor for the purpose of providing sustinence unto otherwise able body and minded leeches. Let us therefore change course and honor the honorable and pick up the able if they be willing, and always by the grace given us truly care and draw up those who truly are found to be unable to do for themselves, though they would, if but could they. This is a wonderful book, needful to be read by all Americans to present them with a work of a century ago already perceiving what we struggle with today.

The Call of the Canyon.
By Peter Glass on April 25, 2009

Bizarre is the word that comes to mind on reading this book. Read the rant at the end of Chapter X, and try to figure out what the message is exactly. Highly emotional exposition on the role of women in US society just after WW I. Vigorously opposed to Jazz Music, the evil influences of information about birth control, the unjust treatment of returning veterans, the dangers of the back seat of automobiles (while parked), the duty of child-bearing, and the frivolous nature of 'modern woman', the power of work, and the return to 'True American Virtues'. And at the end of the story the heroine does go out 'West' to be with her man (a returned WW I Vet) to pursue the vigorous life of work and duty. But she has purchased prime real estat in the area, and immediately hired two Mexican servants to see to things around the huge house she is building, so that she can go off into the wilderness to emote! Well worth a read. But bizarre.