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A beautiful opportunity to think about the importance of feelings.
By Alicia on September 27, 2011

Hard Times is Dickens' shortest novel but, in my opinion, it's one of his best! It's a very interesting and touching story. The protagonist is young Louisa Gradgrind, a girl educated by her intellectual father, to despise feelings, emotions and fancy, and to overrate science and maths. For Mr. Gradgrind, indeed, only mathematically measurable things worth. But Louisa is different than her father and imagination is her force, a force she must try to hide but that sooner or later will explode. Louisa, because of her upbringing, can't recognise her feelings and the only object of her affection is her younger brother Tom, raised up just like her but very different than her: Tom in fact is selfish and insensible and he takes advantage of Louisa's goodness. It's just for Tom's sake that Louisa agrees to marry a vulgar man who is 30 years her senior and whom she hates. But when a young rake will fascinate her, Louisa will understand what life should be and her father also will have to face his mistakes. This book is a very likeable opportunity to think about the theme of  education and the importance of fancy and  play for children without whom they will be incomplete adults.

By manolea86 on July 25, 2009

Hard Times... its very exciting name that make want to see what in side be honest I expected more hardness in the story but it also tells that the childhood is the 1st thing that effect on your life when we grew up! And if the parents doesn't use this important time in their child life they will harm him deeply when he grows up...any way to live life you have to learn from your mistakes and don't you ever shame from what you had been before.