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By Maria on June 25, 2011

Since it was impossible to find this book in my language, I read it in English, and I'm happy about it. Rose in Bloom is, in my opinion, funnier and sweeter than Eight Cousins, and the characters are developed quite well. We find Rose, Phoebe, Mac, Charlie, Archie and all the others grown up, with the problems and the hopes of youth. They have fun, they make mistakes, they discover who they want to become, and who they want to love. If you like Louisa May Alcott and the Eight Cousins, this book is recommended!

Rose in bloom
By KR Reddy on July 9, 2009

An excellent book. Enjoyed it very much

By Katie on May 27, 2009

When I was in high school in South Africa, I read all Louisa's books I could get my hands on! This was one of my absolute favourites!! There are some new ones I haven't read on this website - I am overjoyed to have found it!!!! Louisa's books are a must read for any girl or woman (it is 17yr later but she still holds my print-junky-heart in her hands!)

By Laura on February 7, 2009

I had read L. M. Alcott's Eight Cousins several years ago, and when I learned that there was a sequel I was overjoyed. I found Rose in Bloom to be even better than its predecessor; the combination of humor and morals was excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone of any age (I'm 14). I hope you enjoy it!

By Emily on February 16, 2008

Eight Cousins is one of my very favorites, but I admit I was a bit disappointed with Rose in Bloom. I have to say that I did not like Rose's choice of husband, not that she actually had much of a choice in the end. I also found this book was a little more preachy and less funny and sweet as the first.

By Belle on November 10, 2006

I really like Rose Campbell because she stands up for the right thing even though it was very hard to do it. I like the style of writing and i think Louisa May Alcott is an author every girl should read!!

By deb on August 2, 2006

Rose in Bloom has been a fav of mine for years. One thing I enjoy the most is how Rose stands for what she feels is right (although she struggles sometimes)and she gets her reward in the end :-) The book is written and placed in the olden times, but the lessons are still useful for today's girls.

By Kiran Subhash on March 13, 2005

A very romantic story. I was really glad when Rose agreed to marry ..... i won't tell. Go on and read the book. It is worth your time

By Lone Star on December 29, 2004

Rose in Bloom is a great book! I love the language and the subtle romance in this book. While I do feel for Charlie, I think Rose picked the best man in the end, though I won't tell you who it is!