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By pharrago on June 17, 2008

AMAZING BOOK, AMAZING AUTHOR. Few authors so meticulously craft the psychology of every character the way he does, and few do so with as much understanding and empathy.

By Elsie Jay on May 24, 2008

This book is probably the best book that I have ever read at this point in time. Dostoevsky brilliantly describes the inner turmoil of Raskolnikov like no other author could ever capture. The implications of the book are monumental in their assumptions on life in general. I feel that this book was not only magnificently written, but also really mind opening.

By Random Guy on November 15, 2005

Actually it's a very GOOD book, not nice. Not even that good. Dostoevksy drags it all out forever. He does a good job of keeping any confusion as to what the main character out of the question. Everything is described in great detail. It also depicts crime, its punishments (both mental and physical), and rehabilitation.

By susana on January 30, 2005

A very nice book, with deep sense of crime and its consequences.