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A Christmas Carol
By The reviewer on September 20, 2012

A classic christmas story, A Christmas Carol is about the remarkable transformation of the hard-fisted miser, Scrooge . Accosted by the ghost of his long time dead partner who warns him of his impending doom if he didn't mend his ways, the night before christmas Scrooge is shown his past, present and future by the three spirits. Suddenly Scrooge is privvy to the lives of the people he had known but never cared........

A must read for all Christmas lovers !

By tummero on July 24, 2010

Notice here the digressions; suddenly he is talking about Hamlet and if we did not know the play we would be lost. But Dickens assumes all his readers will know Hamlet. His little joke about a 'breezy spot' once again requires a close knowledge of the play for in reality, 'it was bitter cold', and the sentry was 'sick at heart'. We also see the heartlessness of Scrooge all he can think of is money.