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By on November 9, 2010

This book, filled with exciting events, is a classic. It has many examples of strong character, which are good examples to all of its readers; however, its language is in places slightly hard to understand. This book fully deserves a four star rating.

By Maria A on December 23, 2007

Howard Pyle tells a gripping story about a hot headed boy Myles who finds himself in the mist of many friends and enemies. We follow his story from when he is 14 and a nobody to his 20th year where, as a knight, he alone can restore his family honour and satisfy the nobles of England. This is a book all boys should read, they will have the chance to experience the thrills and joys and pains of medivial life as they fight alongside Myles. This is a story worth reading, and a great buy. 5 star!