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By on August 1, 2012

I read this book in elementary; now I'm in high school and decided to read it again. Both times I found that I could relate to it with ease.

Higher Power or Magic
By elscares on February 26, 2011

I read this book when I was young, but I never realized how good it was. It brought to mind the importance of replacing bad thoughts with good thoughts, with thinking about others rather than self, and looking to a higher power for help rather than magic. An enjoyable book that was worth reading again.

By Sazjw on September 6, 2010

I remember Reading this book when I was little. I loved it then and I do now. It's a good story about friendship! An' as I is a Yorkshire lassie, I enjoyed it! Though the ending could have been a little different, I felt that the story just cut short. I wanted more!

By M. Qazi on July 3, 2007

I must say to everyone who reads my review, that I just love classical books, give me any book and I shall read it just like I read The Secret Garden and just found it hard to read, so read your books, and think about it like a movie in your head, because that makes you a writer as good as some these authors mentioned in the web site.

By Miss Merry on December 10, 2004

Dear Readers,

I'd just like to say how wonderfully this book has been composed with such great skill and how poignant it truly was. The actions were just remarkable and exciting. Truly did it keep me on the edge of my seat! The rest of her books are formed in the same as this but this was one of the most excellent of all times. Never before have I read a book with over hundreds of emotions. Please do pick up the book because I give it a hundred stars!

Miss Merry