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Our People of Paris
By S. I. Yasin on September 1, 2009

Wow! Victor Hugo is truly a Grand Master of Romanticism and the feminine power! Better than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! One of the best portrayal of Paris and the people of Paris. And the book in which I read the most morbid happy ending or the happiest morbid ending (can't decide properly which)!

By panfengjie on January 23, 2005

I was quite moved by the scene of the archdeacon making love to the gypsy girl, and begging her to take him. a high-positioned person could humiliate himself to such a degree in order to quench his morbid thirst for a gypsy girl is beyond me.I could not bear to read on so shameless an act of a person who is so overwhelmed by the beast nature in himself with absolutely no regard to his social position,but i could not tear myself away from the pages, either. Reading those words of demonstration of an obssesive lust or love, tears came to my eyes, not because i was moved by the profound feelings, by rather by the heart- writhing knowledge that a man can sink so low for obssesion for love and lust and that that is exactly human nature.