This little play was produced at the Avenue Theatre in the spring of 1894, with the following cast:

    Maurteen Bruin, Mr. James Welch;
    Shawn Bruin, Mr. A. E. W. Mason;
    Father Hart, Mr. G. R. Foss;
    Bridget Bruin, Miss Charlotte Morland;
    Maire Bruin, Miss Winifred Fraser:
    A Faery Child, Miss Dorothy Paget.

It ran for a little over six weeks. It was revived in America in 1901, when it was taken on tour by Mrs. Lemoyne. It has been played two or three times professionally since then in America and a great many times in England and America by amateurs. Till lately it was not part of the repertory of the Abbey Theatre, for I had grown to dislike it without knowing what I disliked in it. This winter, however, I have made many revisions and now it plays well enough to give me pleasure. It is printed in this book in the new form, which was acted for the first time on February 22, 1912, at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. At the Abbey Theatre, where the platform of the stage comes out in front of the curtain, the curtain falls before the priest's last words. He remains outside the curtain and the words are spoken to the audience like an epilogue.