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By on February 24, 2015

I love the book, "Jane Eyre"! It is so romantic. There is nothing like old-fashioned romance. One doesn't need to be blunt to have a wonderful story!

By Lydia on June 15, 2008

Jane Eyre is such a beautiful book. I enjoyed it more than any book I have read in a long time.

When it was first written during the victorian era, many people found it insulting because of the plot, giving interest to an "unworthy character". Though, the only reason why they called her unworthy because she was what they called a "charity child" because she was an orphan and she was considered "ungrateful" for the "great kindness and charitable works" of her Aunt Reed.

Of course nowadays this plot would be considered a very much accepted idea that one should not be judged by their social class, but by their own heart.

This book was very heart warming and moving towards me and was also very exciting with its suspence to learn of the mystery going on at Thornfield Hall, and the romance between Mr. Rochester and Jane.

I know you will find great satisfaction in reading this book and will just love the many different charicters found throughout the books. This is definately one of my favorite books.