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By Krystal on July 20, 2013

An uplifting novella in which P.G. Wodehouse explores the sharp twists of fate that one may experience in his or her own lifetime. The ignorance of one in his/her own affairs despite their wisdom in the affairs of others, is also illustrated in this book through the characterization of Sally. These close links to reality opens the eye, in a lighthearted manner that somehow lingers in the reader's mind even after finishing this masterpiece.

funny and interesting
By Hisham S on January 24, 2011

The Adventures of Sally presents to you a wide range of characters from the smart sympathetic good hearted sally to her pompous hasty brother Fillimore. From the stolid timid ginger to his cousin the extreme rich vicious gentleman Bruce Carmyle. Altogether all characters tell their own stories to make this an memorable experience.