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By Darcygirl on September 8, 2008

I used to love Harry Potter books more than anything else before. I only read this book because it's film version was released. but woah... this is now the best book i've ever read! it's fantastic, the romance, the pride, the fights, Ms. Bingley and everything! This book defines romance and love. sad that there is no real Mr. Dracy in the real world...

By heather on December 6, 2007

The content of this novel is talk about the ture love between the hero Darcy who is pride and and the heroine Elizabeth Bennet who is prejudice to Darcy. As my view of it, that is a really romantic love. I like it very much, once you read it, you will be addicted to it. Do you believe?

By halen on August 6, 2006

It is the novel I love best.

In our times, we also can see the people marry for many reasons, for money, for beauty, for power, and so on. The love between Elizabeth and Darcy maybe is true love. Also, the ending of the novel is perfect, because they got married and had a happy life. That is what I want.

By Erin on July 22, 2006

Jane Austen wrote many books in her lifetime and each have their own charms, but no one would dispute that her masterpiece is "Pride and Prejudice." Her main character, Elizabeth Bennet, is so lively and vivacious, with so many faults and virtues that it is impossible not to relate with her on some level and such depth and development in a female is extremely rare to find in a novel of that era.

"Pride and Prejudice" is a worthwhile read to anyone who wishes to find a humorous and witty portrayal of romance in the early 19th century.

By Patricia on May 22, 2006

I think it is a fantastic book. doing it for a-level and I thought it would be really boring. However, after readoing it, I couldnt put it down. The story is definitly NOT a romantic which is why I think it is so cleaverly written. There are no romantic sonnets and any one who believes it to be a romantic novel, need to read it abit more carefully.

By Faye on March 7, 2006

I love this book! I've must have read it at least 6 times. It has the most powerful theme ever. It is love. And you must read it to see why.

By jack on February 26, 2006

After reading it, I think the language is wonderful! Especially the old language attracts me, I love it!

By laura on June 20, 2005

i really enjoyed reading pride and prejudice. it was part of my a-level syllabus. i found it a lot more interesting that Emma, it is a great read and there are plenty of additional notes and revision guides available. it is definitely worth a read. i just hope i do well in my exam, its tomorrow

By Jo-Ann on May 2, 2005

This is my absolute favorite of all the books I have ever read. Book is the reason that I love reading classic novels. Despite the old language, which I think is the attraction, the story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is extremely romantic.