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Awesome read!
By marchking on May 13, 2009

Perhaps the most engrossing and enthralling story I've ever read. Love the quaint English. A wonderful achievement for an author in his 30's. Mr. Pyle is a true genius. Thanks for making this available!

By L.L.Longley on September 25, 2008

In this book the author takes you back to Merry Olde England and a Robin Hood that is nothing like the tv or recent movie versions at all. You are transported through the language and descriptions of the land, so that you feel part of that magical era. The love Robin had for his men and for his King, and for Sherwood Forrest itself, will reach into your soul. If the epilogue doesn't move you to tears, it will still break your heart for such a loss. I suggest not only reading this but passing it down to future readers. It's more than a classic, it makes you feel you were there, wishing you could run to the call of those three bugle blasts...