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review to Campfire Girls at School
By Juliet on August 2, 2010

It is a good story with a narration which holds our interest. The story line is good. The book is itself an enjoyable experience. The story is about a bunch of girls who are members of the Campfire Girls. Their lives are related. The way they deal with problems in their day to day lives is highlighted. The girls turn out to be equal to the challenges life presents them with. They are faced with dwindling domestic incomes, having to get used to people they don't like, trouble at school, faith towards friends and the like. They uphold their dignity in the face of challenges and sacrifice their interests for their friends. They are foremost in showing kindness and battle on when life together with the people they love try their patience. They have adventures when their wits and nerves are tried and they help bust evil plots. Their resourcefullness comes to their rescue in the face of need. It is their goodness which wins at last. Their patient labours, forgiveness, compassion and perseverance bear fruit. They learn new lessons and become more true to their roles as Campfire Girls.