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Enjoyable mystery
By Roberta on May 6, 2011

"The Mystery of 31 New Inn" starts with the narrator, Dr. Jervis, being sent for to treat a Mr. Graves, who lives with a Mr. Weiss. There is the strange condition that Dr. Jervis must be transported to the invalid's house in a carriage that has no view to the outside. Feeling that this condition may suggest a criminal motive, Dr. Jervis consults his friend Dr. Thorndyke, who is both a doctor and a lawyer. Dr. Thorndyke advises him to secretly take a light and a compass with him so that he can record the directions and later trace the approximate placement of the house. Dr. Jervis is called upon several more times to treat the very ill Mr. Graves, then hears no more about him. Dr. Jervis believes the man is dying of opium poisoning, although Mr. Weiss denies the possibility.

Soon afterward, for various reasons, Dr. Thorndyke invites Dr. Jervis to become his apprentice. The first case Dr. Jervis works on in his new employment is the case of the late Jeffrey Blackmore's will, which is being contested by the nephew, Stephen Blackmore. As the case unfolds, it becomes apparent that Dr. Jervis' involvement in treating Mr. Graves provides very important evidence which eventually helps solve the mystery of the true identity of Mr. Weiss, Mr. Graves, and the housekeeper, and prove that Jeffrey Blackmore's second will is a forgery.

Enjoyable and recommended reading.