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The Land of Footprints
By david lewis on July 7, 2009

The book is a good series of local and historical tales which relate to a long gone period of Kenyan history. The hunting tales relate to the times when hunting was a rich man's sport and licenses and permits did not exist. The areas written about are factual. I myself grew up in the same areas and both hunted with clients and photographed game for a living. The restrictions began when the government started limiting the licenses and restricting the hunting areas and as the hunting was phased out and game reserves were created the whole country changed. When the supply of the animal parts, mainly tusks and skins, dried up the era of the commercial poacher took over and the country is only just starting to combat that menace.

The African problem today is lack of food and work due to them leaving their land and going into the cities. Survival by any means is now the issue and problems with theft,bribery and corruption are at the present beyond their control.

The book is an excellent read and portrays Africa when animals were plentiful and the natives were tribal and savage. I highly recommend this book.