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By Samuel John Webster on January 7, 2005

This pair of books, filled with poems, is more to Blake than mere entertainment. These poems give the most valuable insight into Blake's mind and show the human frailties within us all.

Songs of Innocence is a book filled with joy and laughter and everything seems to be fine in the end.

However, Songs of Experience is the wisdomous truth. The world is not a place where everything is OK, you can't rely on this 'God'.

Notice, how in Songs of Innocence there are consectutive poems entitled 'Little Boy Lost' and 'Little Boy Found'. In Songs of Experience there are similar poems regarding three people, however, this time, only one of the three is found.

Songs of Innocence displays young naivety whilst Songs of Experience is an adult review of these naive writings that tell a darker side of the stories. This is mainly because Blake believes that rather than conflicting, good and evil co-exist.

This book raises fundamental questions, yet answers not a single one.