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By Juliet on July 14, 2010

It tells the story of a mother who takes after her son to socialism and works for it.She is kind and affectionate to her son and all his comrades. The story describes how the mother is transformed from a woman who afraid of her husband's beatings tries to make herself inconspicuous to a brave woman who trudges country roads and courts arrests to work for the cause. It her wish to be of use to her son which prompts her. She has seen her son mature into a leader, thoughtful, stern and respected. Like a mother, she loves and grieves for him but quickly takes to her new life of action. In disguise, she goes to many places taking books and leaflets. At her sons arrest and exile she goes to distribute his last speech in the court to the common people but is caught, arrested and dies in her struggle to be a message to the masses. All through we see her love for her son and her struggle to be a mother to him in his cause too. In her attempt she comes to love the comrades with whom she gets acquainted and does her best to take the new ideas of awakening everywhere.