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analytical interpretation
By danielle oliver on March 14, 2012

As a theatre studies student studying this text for my exam, I read the other reviews and felt the need to intervene. Though the protagonist, Nora, is a female, the play is about an individual's right to freedom, not just women. However, within the patriarchal society that the play was written, the issue of rights was more applicable to the typical oppressed housewife. Feminism does come under the same umbrella, but I feel the play is a classic because of it's universal relevence.

By ouerfelli sawsen on May 6, 2011

I think that even in the 21st century, women have to run away and be free like Nora who decide to live far away her doll's house because her husband treats her as a doll. It is a wonderful play I invite you to read it.

A Doll's House
By Joyce Smith on November 3, 2010

This book was so wonderful. I had to read this book in my Theater Appreciation class even though it was written several years ago women are still faced with some of the same decisions in the 21st century.

By Umran on March 31, 2008

As a literature student I read this play and it was really good. There was a lot of controversy about this play because women wanted to be like Nora and be free. Men didn't like this. I recommend you to read it. It is very inspirational especially in the 1860's.