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By Jessica Marie Guillory on March 24, 2005

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is a book clearly detailing the conformities of what manifests deeply within someone's mind and festers. It also details what great lengths a insane person would go to in order to enact vengeance for a loved one's wrongful death. It is a book about the uniqueness and cleverness of one's mind and can be interpreted in many different ways. In ACT 1, when the ghost of old Hamlet comes onto the scene, it is ironic because Francisco, Marcellulus, and Horatio try to communicate with the ghost however, it is not yet clear what the ghost would like to speak of, until young Hamlet comes into the Act and the ghost of Old Hamlet comes into play and communicates with his son. However, overall the play is placed in a manner that can be well understood by one who chooses to read between the lines and tries to gain an understanding of what has been read.