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By Abby*Francis, 13 on March 13, 2008

G. A. Henty was the brilliant auther or many books. I have read several of them this year, and enjoyed the majority of them. Although they are slow starters, they are amazingly interesting once you are about 4-6 chapters in. With Lee in Virginia has some important and deep points, but you need to weed out all the details. In my opinion, that was G.A. Henty's one fault: he goes off onto side stories, and describes battles that have nothing to do with the actual plot of his story. He has extensivly long paragraphs about battles in different places, that do not include the protagonist even slightly. When the book is on point, it has some great morals, and amazing points of interest and thought, but it takes a lot to perservere through the whole thing. -Abby Fran, age 13