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One of my favorites
By David Casteel on June 2, 2012

For many years, every Christmas season I would begin on my birthday (21 Dec) and read Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", this book (Christmas chapter), and the story of Christ's birth from Luke in the days between my birthday and Christmas. I continued that practice even as an adult until I lost the book in one of my frequent moves. It is a wonderful book!

a book
By Shane Kennard on October 2, 2010

I am 16 years old and i love this book to death its a must read for anybody young or old. If you get the chance to read it, do read it.

By Angela on July 26, 2005

This story is a classic. Adults and children will love reading about the Pepper family. I enjoyed "Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" so much that I continued to read the next three books. This book touches the heart in a unique way. If you read this book be prepared you will want to read the rest.

By Cate Allgood on January 27, 2005

This book is a childhood favorite of mine. My mom had an old copy that she had been given when she was little, and it was a very special occasion when she would let me read it. Although the writing style is a little stilted and Polly might seem a little too perfect, that can all be attributed to the time period this was written. Polly is not perfect, none of them are, but they try which makes them oh so lovable. There are more in this series that are also good reads for those who want to find out what happens to the Five Peppers once they are grown. I would strongly recommend this book!