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By Rationalthinker on December 7, 2010

This book is a living example of the society that we will have if the world that Secular Humanism want is implanted. I have nothing against SH, but after reading this book and then studying Secular Humanism, it was easy to see the SH values represented in the book time and time again. The steadily increasing growing technology in our world is leading us to this point. You see more and more the love of pleasure in America especially. The course we are on, coupled with Secular Humanism, will evenually bring us to the perverted, pleasure based, Utopian world of Brave New World

By Jodi on April 25, 2007

This book is unbelievably similar to the novel "We" by Evgeney Zamyatin. While this book is slightly different in some areas, the similarities are undeniable and almost irritating. Seeing that "We" was written many years before "Brave New World", Mr. Huxley's idea for this book is not an original one. If you like "Brave New World" or the idea expressed by dystopian novels, I recommend "We"....after all, it is the original idea for "Brave New World".

By antonio on February 25, 2005

Brave new world is a compeling history about human nature, about our, sometimes sick, search for perfection. In technology we've found a way to do things better, but in the same path many of the things wich defines us as humans have been lost. Perfection here has been defined as the abscense of god and the denial of the true instincts wich come from ounder the skim of everyone, that is the desire to live, the very wish of make a life of your own.